Please note the following:

  1. An important note regarding live, web-based reviews:
    Your work is of value to us. Please SAVE your work regularly, perhaps after each comment. Your work will not be saved unless you click the “Save” button. You could be disconnected from the Internet without warning, so save your work frequently.
  2. Additional Citations
    Only complete citations can be accepted, and you will be prompted to easily provide full reference information.
  3. Completeness - Adding or deleting content
    Where you propose a wording change, you will be prompted to provide clearer, more concise or more accurate wording
  4. Consistency with policy
    Where you feel these Guidelines fail to conform to your own views or to a policy of the organization you represent, please make the desired changes AND state why the change is important. If you are quoting a policy published by your organization it is essential that you quote and cite the policy. Web citations are acceptable, but please confirm the date accessed.

The deadline has passed for online reviews of the Fourth Edition of the Bright Futures Guidelines for Health Supervision of Infants, Children, and Adolescents. Thank you for your participation!